Faculty I - Humanities and Educational Sciences

Committee for budget management of Faculty I

The meetings of the Budget Committee will take place on the following days:

10/04/202314.00FH 420
06/28/202314.15FH 420
05/10/202314.15FH 420
02/01/202314.00FH 420

Please note that the conferences of the committee for budget management are not open to the general public in the case of employee's issues.


The task of the Budget Commission is to prepare proposals for decision-making in the Faculty Council, in particular to

1. establishment of criteria for the distribution of material funds

2. annual distribution of material funds allocated to the Faculty

3. establishment of criteria for allocation of positions from budgeted budgets (WM, VP, TP)

4. deliberation of requests for allocation, reallocation and extension of positions (WM, VP, TP)

5. establish criteria for intra-faculty distribution of space.

(Resolutions FKR I-198.o./8.6.1/2019-04-17, FKR I-201.o./8.1/2019-07-03)

Committee for budget management

Prof. Dr. Beate Krickel (P, Dean and chair)Prof. Dr. Kirsten Lehmkuhl (P)
Prof. Dr. Hans-Liudger Dienel (P)Prof. Dr. Nina Langen (P)
Prof. Dr. Dorothee Brantz (P)Prof. Dr. Hans-Christian von Herrmann (P)
Prof. Dr. Sabine Hark (P)Prof. Dr. Thorsten Roelcke (P)
Prof. Dr. Meike Hopp (P)tba (P)
Dr. Sahra Dornick (A)tba (A)
Günter Eisen (A)tba (A)
Niklas Patzke (S)Jessica Szulc (S)
Anastasia Dzus (S)tba (S)
Anabell Hacker (E)Katharina Wegener (E)
Irmela Roschmann-Steltenkamp (E)Monika Roska (E)
P: Professors; A: Academic staff; S: Students; E: Employees for technology, service and administration