Faculty I - Humanities and Educational Sciences

Funding of measures in the area of diversity and anti-discrimination from the equal opportunities budget of Faculty I

Members of all status groups of Faculty I of the Technical University have the opportunity to apply for funding for the implementation of measures for qualification in the field of diversity and anti-discrimination at the Commission for Anti-Discrimination and Equality (AntiDisGleiKo) of Faculty I throughout the year.

Which measures are supported?

The measures for which the grant is applied for must serve to provide training in the area of diversity and anti-discrimination. This can be aimed at individual topic-related qualification (e.g. participation in congresses, workshops, summer/winter schools, etc.) or at status group-specific and cross-status group teaching and learning arrangements (workshops, lectures, readings, etc.). Measures that are planned as part of a course exclusively for the people taking part in it cannot be funded.

The grant can be applied for both for the applicant him/herself and for measures that primarily serve to qualify other members of the faculty. In the latter case, it must be made clear which members of Faculty I will benefit from the measure applied for. Measures can also be opened up to persons from outside the faculty, provided that it is ensured that sufficient places are available for members of Faculty I. The support of the Commission/Faculty must be indicated on advertising materials for the measure.

Meals and travel expenses cannot be subsidized

Who can submit an application?

All members of Faculty I:

  • Academic staff
  • Non-scientific staff
  • students
  • Registered doctoral students
  • Lecturers with an active teaching assignment

Examples of projects already funded

  • Individual participation in a diversity training course
  • Individual participation in a congress on the topic of anti-discrimination
  • Organization of a workshop for all faculty members on the topic of classism
  • Organization of a city tour for a status group of Faculty 1 on the topic of colonialism
  • Planning and implementation of an excursion for all faculty members to the German Hygiene Museum, exhibition topic: racism

Where should the application be sent?

Reports on funded measures


  • Diversity training of the Student Council Initiative Culture and Technology
  • Report
  • Training tour: Postcolonial city tour through the African Quarter and research trips on diversity and anti-discrimination at universities, by Nina Hackmann - Report


Faculty I - Humanities and Educational Sciences

Equalization Committee of Faculty I


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