Health Care Management

Innovations in Chronic Diseases Care and eHealth

Course content

The course comprises three emerging public health fields - chronic diseases, integrated care, and eHealth. The first part of the course will begin with some fundamentals and provides insight into the rise of chronic diseases and the challenge it constitutes to health and social care organisation.

Students will then be introduced to the various definitions and concepts of integrated care and eHealth (also referred to as digital health). A framework for integrated care for persons with multiple chronic diseases will be introduced and students will be taught the six key components of the framework including leadership & governance, financing and the role of information and communication technologies for implementing integrated care. The application of the framework's six key components in practice, i.e. in already implemented integrated care studies, will be demonstrated to the students afterwards. The course focuses on explaining the need for more integrated systems of care delivery and the opportunities provided by ICT applications, as they can play an important role in making integrated care becoming a reality.

Learning results

Through active participation, the course should enable students to understand the three emerging topics: chronic diseases, integrated care and eHealth; in order to actively work on current specialist issues in these subject areas and build on the elementary understanding of the topics. Students can distinguish and scientifically classify the two subject areas of eHealth and integrated care and their related terms. The course will promote creativity and the establishment of innovative, patient-centered solutions for the effective implementation of eHealth interventions in integrated care. Approaches to involve patients in the development, implementation and evaluation of integrated care programmes will be presented and discussed. In addition to the current use, future digital forms of communication in an integrated healthcare system (e.g. electronic patient records and telemonitoring), the economic characteristics of the eHealth market as well as the legal framework, data security, data protection and integrity will be evaluated. The students get to know the current and future use of IT systems with a special focus on the elements and structures required for the health-related use of mobile devices (mHealth). They also understand the need for IT systems to work together in integrated care and the resulting opportunities, challenges and potential at the interface of technology, health and social services. Various application examples from industry and group work will help strengthen the acquired knowledge. The practice-oriented lectures and the semester-accompanying group work will help students illustrate and apply the course contents therein.

Room H 8180


The portfolio exam consists of the elements: Group presentation and written exam.

Duration of the course

A two-week block seminar.

Language of instruction


Start of the course

The course will not be offered in WS 20/21.