Health Care Management

Magnet hospitals

Accompanying research in Germany

In addition to the EU-funded Magnet4Europe project, the accompanying research for Germany is exploring whether the U.S. Magnet concept can be transferred specifically to German hospitals and the German healthcare context. The accompanying research made it possible for all hospitals interested in the Magnet4Europe study to participate, so that a total of 21 German hospitals are now enrolled in Magnet4Europe.

The objectives of the project are to evaluate the implementation of the U.S. Magnet concept specifically for Germany and to identify facilitating and inhibiting factors in the implementation. The evaluation of the intervention will include a survey of physicians and nurses at several points in time, in which aspects of the working environment, psychological burden and job satisfaction will be assessed using validated instruments. In addition, interviews will be conducted on the implementation process. Furthermore, an action plan will be developed to describe effective strategies for Germany in the implementation of Magnet.

Work Packages (WP):

WP 1: Participation of additional hospitals

WP 2: Transfer of the U.S. Magnet®-concept to Germany

WP 3: Translating the theory of the concept into practice

WP 4: Magnet® and other concepts for improvement of nursing care

WP 5: PR und Dissemination


Methods: Mixed methods, qualitative (interviews) and quantitative (longitudinal survey) design

Duration: 2020 to 2024

Funding: Robert Bosch Stiftung