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Who Will Be Our Moral Conscience Now? A Tribute To Uwe Reinhardt [Health Affairs | 08.08.2019]

It has been more than a year since the passing of Uwe Reinhardt, a giant in the field of health policy. His voice was listened to. Now that he is gone, many academics, ourselves included, grapple with the question of how we can make sure his ideas continue to be heard.

What U.S. Can Learn from Germany's Health System: Multi-Payer, Sickness Funs, and Social Solidarity [Policy Punchline Podcast

In this conversation, Prof. Reinhard Busse explains Germany’s complex yet well-functioning health system. He highlights how Americans can learn from a multi-payer system like Germany’s and what we could do to tackle the rising healthcare cost. His perspective from outside the U.S. might provide us some fresh insights on the various kinds of health...