Health Care Management

Dr. Sabine Vogler

Sabine Vogler works part-time at the Department of Health Care Management.

In her main job Sabine Vogler is head of the Pharmacoeconomics Department at the Austrian National Public Health Institute “Gesundheit Österreich GmbH” (GÖG) in Vienna. Before the establishment of that department in 2016, she served since 2006 as Program Coordinator for Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmaceutical Policy Analysis in the Department of Health Economics at GÖG. The Department was designated a WHO Collaborating Centre for Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Policies in 2010, with Sabine Vogler acting as its Director. In 2005, Sabine Vogler co-founded the “Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Information“ (PPRI) network of competent authorities for pharmaceutical policies.

Sabine Vogler graduated in Commerce at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and holds a PhD in social and economic sciences. Before joining the Austrian National Public Health Institute in 1995, she worked as pre-doc research associate at the Social Policy Unit, Department of Economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. In autumn 2017, she was a visiting fellow at the University of Bologna (Italy).

Research interests

  • Pharmaceutical policy analysis
  • Medicines prices
  • Comparative pharmaceutical systems research
  • Pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement
  • Health technology assessment (HTA)
  • Pharmaceutical distribution and public procurement
  • Antimicrobial resistance (AMR)
  • (Price) transparency

Publications (selection):

Publications (in peer-reviewed journals)

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Further publications

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Teaching at the Health Care Department

  • Winter term: Blended Learning Training Course Health Technology Assessment
  • Summer term: HTA online (Systematic assessment of health technologies)

Memberships (selection)

  • Member of the European Drug Utilization Research Group (EuroDURG) Executive Committee, EuroDURG Focal Point forin Austria
  • Austrian Pharmacological Society (APHAR)
  • International Health Economics Association (IHEA)
  • Austrian Health Economics Association (ATHEA), Member and Financial Auditor
  • Italian Health Economics Assocation (Associazione Italiana di Economia Sanitaria, AIES)
  • Piperska group (network of researchers and public payers)
  • Member of the Expert Panel of the WHO Guideline on Country Pharmaceutical Pricing Policies (2011-2013, update of guideline: 2019-2020, co-chair of the Expert Panel)

Editorial Activities


VOGLER, Sabine (Ed.): Medicine Price Surveys, Analyses and Comparisons. Evidence and Methodology Guidance. 1st Edition, Elsevier. 2018


Editorial Boards

Member of the International Advisory Board and Section Editor of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice (JOPPP)

Associate Editor of Cost-Effectiveness and Resource Allocation (CERA)

Associate Editor of BMC Health Services Research

Member of the Editorial Board of Pharmacoeconomics – Open

Member of the Editorial Board of the Generics and Biosimilars Initiative (GaBI) journal



Reviewer for several journals (e.g. Applied Health Economics and Health Policy; BMJ; Clinical Therapeutics; European Journal of Health Economics; Health Economics, Policy and Law; Health Policy; Lancet; JAMA; Pharmacoeconomics; PLOS One, Social Science and Medicine, Value in Health)


2019 Helen Clark-JoPPP (Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Pratice) Award