Health Care Management

Dr. Karen Kinder

Dr. Kinder has been a research fellow at the department since May 2021. Over the last two decades, while working for the Johns Hopkins University and later the World Health Organization, she has contributed her expertise to international projects in over 50 developed and transitional countries.

With special interest on strengthening health care delivery with an emphasis on how healthcare systems can transform routinely collected data through analytics into actionable information to improve effectiveness and efficiency, Dr Kinder’s specific areas of expertise include health systems design and development focusing on the impact of the financing system and the organization of the delivery of care on a population’s access to quality health care services, the measurement of morbidity within populations, effective communication between and coordination of primary, specialty, and hospital care with community services, as well as how health information technology can be applied to improve the delivery of care. 

Dr. Kinder is working primarily within the PopGroup project.

Main research areas:

  • Measuring and assessing the morbidity burden of individuals and population groups,
  • Evaluating performance of health care systems,
  • Developing appropriate models of care to meet population health needs.