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Battery production technology for electromobility


LocationOnline teaching
(see ISIS course)
First date27th october 2021
12:00 am
Introductory event for the exercisetba

Contact person

Robert Schimanek

+49 30 314-22852

Duration of the module

The module can be completed in 1 semester.

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Prerequisite for participation

mandatoryIn terms of content, basic knowledge of physics, chemistry and electrical engineering (upper school level) is assumed.

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Registration for the lecture is required through ISIS, the link can be found at isis.tu-berlin.de/course/view.php. Registration via QISPOS is required for the module. For the project-oriented exercise, the registration formalities will be announced in the first lecture.
The module is limited to 60 participants. For this reason, a survey is taking place on the ISIS course site. Places are allocated according to the regulations §36, AllgStuPO.

Note for the winter semester 2020/21:
It is planned to offer the module as an online event. Information about the course can be found in the ISIS course.



Teaching module with 6 credit points according to ECTS. The module is intended for students of mechanical engineering (Bachelor and Master), of Industrial Engineering (Bachelor and Master), of Automotive Engineering (Bachelor and Master), of Electrical Engineering (Bachelor and Master), of information technology in mechanical engineering, of production engineering and other technical courses.

Teaching content

In the course, starting from areas of application of modern batteries, the basic mode of operation, the principle structure and their production processes are considered and discussed in detail. Topics of battery production technology, especially for electric vehicles, are taught with a focus on production and process engineering fundamentals in electrode and cell production. The focus is on different composite designs and composite manufacturing processes, which are compared and discussed with their electrochemical and production engineering properties. The influence of production engineering parameters on the electrochemical performance data of a battery is discussed in depth. Battery system production processes are presented, such as the assembly of individual battery cells into interconnected battery packs. The course culminates in the characterization of key techniques and quality assurance procedures used in battery cell production. An outlook on future battery generations and challenges for production technology will be given.

Learning Outcomes

Students have detailed knowledge of materials, process and production technologies along the battery production process chain for electric vehicles. They are familiar with central challenges of battery production technology. The students are able to formulate requirements for a reliable, safe and economic production process of battery cells based on product characteristics. As a result of the examination of current scientific literature in the course of the exercise, they are able to comprehend and critically assess complex interrelationships. The preparation and discussion of technical production contexts have honed their ability to prepare content and give oral presentations. Job descriptions of engineers in the field of batteries in industry and science are known.

Battery production technology for electromobilityVL22Pany
project-oriented exerciseUE44Pany
(VL .. lecture, UE .. exercise, IV .. integrated event, LP .. Credit Points, SWS .. Semester hours per week, P .. Duty, W .. Choice, WP .. Elective)

Teaching and learning form

The lecture serves to convey theoretical contexts and fundamentals. In the project-oriented exercise, individual aspects of the lecture are deepened in terms of content. The discussion of current research work promotes the understanding of the course content.

The required achievement of 6 LP for the module Battery Production for Electromobility must be achieved through the compulsory course VL and UE.

As part of the course Battery Production Technology for Electromobility in the winter semester 2019 / 2020, students have created explanatory videos on the lecture topics. In these videos, students explain the process steps of battery production presented in the lecture. In doing so, the students use simple means and at the same time go into depth on the respective topics.


The module is used on the following module lists:

  • Computational Engineering Science (Informationstechnik im Maschinenwesen) (Master of Science)
  • Automotive Engineering (Master of Science)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Master of Science)
  • Patent Engineering (Master of Science)
  • Production engineering (Master of Science)
  • Industrial Engineering (Bachelor of Science)
  • Industrial Engineering (Master of Science)


A script is available in electronic form and will be made available on ISIS.
Lithium-ion batteries: basics and applications; Korthauer, Reiner; Wuest, Michael; Berlin: Springer 2018; ISBN: 3-662-53069-4
Current Status and challenges for automotive battery production technologies; Kwade, Arno et al.; 2018, Nature Energy Vol.3, S. 290-300