Handling and Assembly Technology
Handling and Assembly Technology
Field of Assembly and Handling Technology
More sustainable and humanized production through research, innovation, consulting and teaching. With holistic methodology, we analyze needs and design high-performance concepts. With well-founded technological competence in simulation, machine development, experimental validation and data science, we increase technology maturity, accompany industrialization and provide valuable impulses for production optimization. Let's do it!

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The whole team loves #Digitalization.

Not only in #BatteryProduction but also in #Assembly, #Handling, #ReverseLogistics, #CloudManufacturing, #MRO and and and...

24.11.2021 11:30: Prof. Franz Dietrich will talk about #Digitalisation of #BatteryProduction and the benefits for SME and larger enterprises.

Host will be Marco Evertz of VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH

Stefan Schmitz from BOND-IQ GmbH, Guest at #Mikromontage.

In the hybrid winter 2021/22 we organized a virtual mentoring semester in the lecture, in which students can put their most pressing questions to experienced managers and specialists.