Chair of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering


Overview modules

ModuleSummer semesterWinter semesterNote
Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering IyesnoCompulsory module (B.Sc.)
Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering IInoyesCompulsory elective module (B.Sc.)
Special Topics in Geotechnical EngineeringnoyesCompulsory elective module (M.Sc.)
Soil DynamicsyesnoCompulsory elective module (M.Sc.)
Numerical Methods in Geotechnical EngineeringyesnoCompulsory elective module (M.Sc.)
Geotechnical Laboratory Testing of Soil BehaviouryesnoCompulsory elective module (M.Sc.)
Specialized Techniques for Large Geotechnical ProjectsyesnoCompulsory elective module (M.Sc., IV Planning and execution of large-scale geotechnical projects)
Specialized Techniques for Large Geotechnical ProjectsnoyesCompulsory elective module (M.Sc., IV Subsoil improvement)
Geotechnical Earthquake EngineeringnoyesCompulsory elective module (M.Sc.)
TunnelingnoyesCompulsory elective module (M.Sc.)
Applied Soil DynamicsnoyesCompulsory elective module (M.Sc.)
Geotechnical SeminaryesyesCompulsory elective module (M.Sc.)
Project - Geotechnical EngineeringyesyesCompulsory elective module (M.Sc.)
Overview modules

Module access

Access to the current modules is via the ISIS system. After logging into ISIS, search for the desired module. Access to the modules is usually password-free for the first two weeks after the start of the semester. Interested students can enrol in the desired module. Afterwards, access is restricted by means of a password. The password is announced in the courses.
On the module pages you will find continuously updated information and teaching materials for the current semester as well as the announcement of examination dates and results.