Chair of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering


Completed projects

Tests on the suitability of granular columns for subsoil improvementDFG
Development and Evaluation of Solution for the Structure Damage Mitigation On/or Close to Surface Fault Rupture-
Variant investigations by means of FE calculations for a KPP foundation-
Internet-based information and monitoring management for foundation engineering projectsDFG
Modelling and numerical analysis of wave propagation in partially saturated soils-
Resonant column tests to determine the dynamic properties of different soils-
Behaviour of piles in waterlogged sands under cyclic horizontal loading-
Study on the deformations of the tailings in the area of the ballast fill of the IAA Trünzig - Basin A-
Retrofitting measures for railway lines on soft soils - case study Hude-NordenhammDB ProjektBau GmbH
Investigation of the influence of the free rod length in pile driving soundings-
Experimental strategy for the verification of the stability of embankments on the Uelzen-Langwedel railway line-
Consideration of exceptional cases in the cooperative processing of constructive civil engineering projectsDFG
GASSTAB - Slope Stability and Landslides in the Deep Sea: Influence Parameter Gas HydratesBMBF
Practical forecasting procedure for rail traffic vibrations / mitigation measuresDFG, BMB
Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian finite element formulation for penetration processes in sandy soilsDFG
Investigation of the group effect of tension piles on the basis of test loads and numerical simulations (abbreviation: tension pile group effect)DFG
Subproject B2: Site-specific earthquake effects (microzonation as scenarios). Work package Geological Disasters.DFNK
Completed projects