Chair of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering

Doctorates and Habilitations

Doctorates at the chair

NameYear of defenceTopicSource
Christian Carow2022Improved bounding surface plasticity model for sands subjected to cyclic loading
Maximilian Lerch2022High-resolution fibre-optic strain measurements to determine the load-bearing behaviour of piles and rigid inclusions
Gianluca Zorzi2022Cyclic loading design of offshore wind turbine foundations
Fabian Remspecher2021--
Montaser Bakroon2020Employment of a Multi-Material ALE approach using nonlinear soil models to simulate large deformation geotechnical problems
Jens-Peter Ertel2019The suitability of impulse response calculations using regularized deconvolution for pile integrity testing by vibrational excitation with an electrodynamic shaker
Roland Gömmel2019Consideration of unreinforced pile-type support members in the verification of overall stabilityISBN 978-3-8440-7045-3
Tudor Saidel2018Passive earth pressure under shock-type loads
Marcel Ney2018Non-coated sand piles in soft soils with high organic content
Steven Georgi2017Experimental investigations on deformation accumulation and load bearing capacity reduction of cyclic loaded piles
Arne Kindler2016The time-strain-behavior as a basis for determining the preloading of mixed-grained sandy soils in the Berlin area
Ralf Glasenapp2015The behavior of sand under cyclic irregular loading
Markus Mejstrik2015Cybernetics in (special civil engineering) construction planning-
Viet Hung Le2015Behaviour of sand under cyclic multidirectional loading in simple shear test
Winfried Schepers2014Computational methods for practical soil-structure interaction problems in frequency domain
Yao Shan2013Numerical Investigation of Dynamic Railway Vehicle-Track-Subgrade InteractionISBN 978-3-8440-2294-0
Daniel Aubram2013An Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Method for Penetration into Sand at Finite DeformationAn arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian method for penetration into sand at finite deformation
Maik Schüßler2011Investigations on the load-bearing and deformation behaviour of subsoil improvements with sand columns in soils with organic componentsISBN 978-3-8440-0943-9
Pablo Cuéllar2011Pile foundations for offshore wind turbines: Numerical and experimental investigations on the behaviour under short-term and long-term cyclic loading
Ercan Tasan2011On the monopile foundations design of offshore wind energy converters
Lidong Bai2010Preloading Effects on Dynamic Sand Behavior by Resonant Column Tests
Rita Röhner2010The influence of the rod length on the results of pile driving soundings Ergebnisse von RammsondierungenISBN 978-3-8322-9373-4
Silke Appel2010Underground Stiffness and Foundation Influence on the Shield Effect of Rail Traffic Induced Vibrations by Means of Polyurethane Mats
Matthias Baeßler2008Settlement and Stability of Ballasted Track due to Cyclic and Dynamic Loading
Christian Meinhardt2007Vibration behaviour of buildings - relevant parameters for the prediction of vibration immissions
Jens Röhner2005The generation of synthetic accelerograms and spectraISBN 3-7983-1925-1
Stefan Bergmann2004Investigations into the load-bearing and damage behaviour of solid concrete railway tracksISBN 3-7983-1923-5
Ute Schran2003Investigations on displacements of diaphragm walls during underwater excavation in Berlin sandsISBN 3-7983-1919-7
Frank Rackwitz2003Numerical investigations on the bearing behaviour of tension piles and groups of tension piles in sand based on test loadsISBN 3-7983-1907-3
Reinhold Hirschauer2001Coupling of finite elements with boundary elements for the calculation of dynamic soil-structure interactionISBN 3-7983-1883-2
Jörg Franke2001Deformability of sealing asphaltISBN 3 7983 1862 X
Christopher Bode2000Numerical methods for the calculation of soil-structure interactions in the time domain by means of GREEN functions for the half spaceISBN 3 7983 1856 5
Jens Mittag2000Investigations on the filtration behaviour of fine binder suspensions during injection into sandsISBN 3 7983 1855 7
Matthias Fritsche2000Experimental determination of dynamic stiffnesses of rigid foundations with impulse excitations in situ and on small-scale modelsISBN 3 7983 1854 9
K. Mallwitz1996Self-healing capacity of clayey earth materials in sealing systems of landfills when damaged by mechanical cracks and desiccationISBN 3 7983 1693 7
H. Kleen1994Prediction of mountain-relevant parameters in tunnelling using stochastic processesISBN 3 7983 1626 0
W. Sarfeld1994Numerical methods for dynamic soil - structure interactionISBN 3 7983 1624 4
A. Mitakidis1991On the analytical solution of three-dimensional wave propagation in elastic half-space with application to interaction problems subsoil - structureISBN 3 7983 1417 9
U. Sturm1987A general calculation method for limit load conditions in foundation engineering, illustrated by the example of foundation and slope failureISBN 3 7983 1174 9
U. Hanses1985On the mechanics of erosion channel development in stratified subsoil below damsISBN 3 7983 1042 4
K.-M. Borchert1985Comparison between calculated and measured creep deformations on sand consolidated with silicate gelISBN 3 7983 1042 4
H. Klapperich1983Investigations into dynamic earth pressureISBN 3 7983 3940 X
J. Karstedt1982Investigations on the active spatial earth pressure in the rolling soil with hydrostatic support of the earth wallISBN 3 7983 0807 1
N. Tausch1980Investigation into the suitability of silicate gels for waterproofing injectionsISBN 3 7983 0733 4
K.-P. Salomo1980Press forces and ground deformations during pipe jackingISBN 3 7983 0666 4
T. Richter1978Theoretical and experimental investigations on the liquefaction behaviour of non-cohesive soils under cyclic loading-
J. Prager1978Experimental and theoretical investigations on the load-bearing behaviour of sheet pile walls with spursISBN 3 7983 0621 4
Doctorates at the chair

Habilitations at the chair

NameYear of defenceTopicSource
Bettina Albers2010Modellierung und numerische Analyse der Wellenausbreitung in gesättigten und teilgesättigten porösen MedienISBN 978-3-8322-9008-5
Christos Vrettos1997Einflußfunktionen für inhomogene Böden und ihre Anwendung bei der Boden-Bauwerk InteraktionISBN 3 7983 1750 X
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