Chair of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering

Spectrum of tests

Physical soil properties

Determination of the shrinkage limitDIN 18122-2
Determination of density of non cohesive soils for maximum and minimum compactnessDIN 18126
Determination of the Proctor densityDIN 18127
Determination of ignition lossDIN 18128
Determination of lime contentDIN 18129
Determination of water absorptionDIN 18132
Determination of water contentDIN EN ISO 17892-1
Determination of bulk densityDIN EN ISO 17892-2
Determination of particle densityDIN EN ISO 17892-3
Determination of particle size distributionDIN EN ISO 17892-4
Determination of water permeabilityDIN EN ISO 17892-11
Determination of liquid and plastic limitsDIN EN ISO 17892-12
Determination of the ph-valueDIN EN 15933
Determination of the humic acid content (qualitative)-
Determination of thermal conductivity-

Soil mechanical properties

TestStandard or comment
Incremental loading oedometer testDIN EN ISO 17892-5
Fall cone testDIN EN ISO 17892-6
Unconfined compression testDIN EN ISO 17892-7
Unconsolidated undrained triaxial testDIN EN ISO 17892-8
Consolidated triaxial compression tests on water saturated soilsDIN EN ISO 17892-9
Direct shear testsDIN EN ISO 17892-10
Resonant column testsinglestage / multistage
Monotonic simple shear testconstant volume / constant load
Cyclic simple shear testconstant volume / constant load
Monotonic direct shear testconstant volume / constant load
Cyclic direct shear testconstant volume / constant load
Cyclic triaxial testdrained / undrained
Swelling pressure test / Swelling lifting testKaiser/Henke, DGGT-recomm. No. 11, AK19