Methods of Geoinformation Science

Dr. Julien Baerenzung





Julien Baerenzung


Methods of Geoinformation Science
Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 104
10553 Berlin

Building: KAI
Room: KAI
Office: KAI 2-2

Curriculum Vitae

2008Doctorate in physics (Universität Nice Sophia-Antipolis)
since 2023Technical stuff member at the Technische Universität Berlin

Research and Projects

Collaboration in externally funded projects 
2008-2009National Center for the Atmospheric Research (Boulder, Colorado)
2009-2010Laboratory of Geophysical and Industrial Fluid Flows (Grenoble, Frankreich)
2010-2022Institute of Mathematics, Universität Potsdam (Potsdam)
2022-2023GeoForschungsZentrum (Potsdam)
DFG Projects 
2015-2018Co-Investigator of the DFG project "Unraveling the short term dynamics of Earth's magnetic field by combining magnetic field observations and dynamo simulations"
2018-2022Principal Investigator of the DFG project "Stochastic and physical modeling of the Earth's magnetic field"
2018-2023Thematic coordinator of the DFG program 1788 "Dynamic Earth"


  • 2009:  National Center for the Atmospheric Research CISL award.



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Baerenzung ; Holschneider, Matthias; Saynisch-Wagner, Jan; Thomas, Maik
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October 2020


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Baerenzung, Julien; Holschneider, Matthias; Lesur, Vincent
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Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 121 (3) :1343–1364
ISSN: 2169-9356


Baerenzung, Julien; Holschneider, M.; Lesur, V.
Bayesian inversion for the filtered flow at the Earth's Core Mantle Boundary
Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, 68 :2757-2770
November 2014