Geoinformation in Environmental Planning


Courses The range of teachings offered on the institue mainly aims on students attending the bachelor course landscape planning and landscape architecture as well as on students attending the master course environmental planning. If there are resources left, students attending other specialisations are sincerly welcome. The institute's object is to communicate the basics of geoinformation processing and to clarify the importance of geoinformation and geoinformatic processes for spatial planning. The emphasis within the teaching is to communicate knowledge and skills on methods as well as on current developments of geoinformatics and remote sensing in the context of environmental planning and monitoring. Because of the close alliance of lecture and exercise within the bachelor course landscape planning and landscape architecture, which replaces the previous diploma course landscape planning, a solid theoretic and practiacal basis is created for the adoption of geoinformatic systems in project work.

Within the master course environmental planning the institute offers the possibility to deepen such basic skills by attending the classes "GIS in environmental planning" and "Landscape analysis and assessment with GIS". Furthermore within the master course exists also the possibility to get to know the field of remote sensing. The course contains two parts which communicate the basics of remote sensing analysis on the basis of aerial views and satellite images.