Geoinformation in Environmental Planning

Current projects

© Michael Förster


Evaluation of recent remote sensing-based sensors and methods for the quality analysis of NATURA 2000 grassland habitat types

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Satellite based monitoring of surface cover characteristics and use change along rail way infrastructures


Development of a remote sensing-based monitoring procedure based on a physiologically founded vitality assessment of main tree species in mixed stands

© Robert Jackisch


Monitoring and modeling of the critical balance of biomass and biodiversity in Siberia using remote sensing methods.

© Dieter Scherer


Climate and Water under Change - Emerging challenges and strategies for coordinated action in the model region Berlin-Brandenburg

© Ann-Kathrin Holtgrave


Copernicus leuchtet Grün - Integration and practice transfer of Copernicus activities for a comprehensive public authority monitoring of grasslands

© Alexander Marx

FirSt 2.0

Forest damage inventory based on rapid Satellite technologies

© NLF 2012-2020


Artificial Intelligence with Satellite data and Multi-Source Geodata for Monitoring of Trees at Infrastructures, Nature Conservation Sites and Forests

© TU Berlin

timeStamp (BMWi)

Automated indication system to support decision-making processes of the controls on agricultural areas (GAP) and the monitoring of compensation areas of the impact regulation (BNatschG) on the basis of temporal metrics from Copernicus data