Applied Geochemistry

PhD candidates

PhD candidateProjectTopic
M.Sc. Joshua SawallCoTransRelevance of cation-exchange processes for colloid facilitated transport of organic cations on clay colloids
Dipl.-Ing. Ferdinand Jakob HamplDeep EarthshapeMineralogical consequences of silicate weathering by iron-metabolizing bacteria
M.Sc. Ferdinand KirchnerKRIMIKinetic of radionuclide immobilization through solid solutions of crystals related to nuclear waste repositories
M.Sc. Mosab MohammednoorUpper Atbara ValleyExploration for Cenozoic Fossil-Bearing Deposits in the Atbara-Valley, Sudan
M.Sc. Magnus SchneiderAdvectAsAs retention along sharp redox boarders in shallow deltaic aquifers – Alteration and (trans) formation of As hosting iron phases in the Red River sediments of Van Phuc, Vietnam.
Dr. Flavia DigiacomoMetalAidMobility and Reactivity of Suphate Green Rust and Sulphidized nanoscale Zerovalent Iron for In-situ Remediation of Chromium Contaminated Sites. (2021)
Dr. Andrew ThomasMetalAidControl of As and Cr speciation by iron oxide-mediated redox reactions: Development of in situ remediation methods. (2020)
M.Sc. Philipp HolzCheck ExtremaReconstruction of palaeoclimatic extreme events in the Franconian region based on speleothems in combination with historical city archives