Institute of Applied Geosciences

Welcome to the Student Council Geotechnology!

The Geotechnology Student Council consists of all students at the Institute of Applied Geosciences. We are a group under student self-administration, representing the student body to the university, its institutions, and the public.

Our responsibilities include organizing events, coordinating old exams and lecture notes, as well as participating in Café Erdreich. The latter is the student café shared by several student councils at TU Berlin and serves as a place for relaxation and study. The events we plan include the Freshman Day, the Freshman Trip, the annual Barbara Party, the Summer Festival, and occasional private excursions. As a meeting point for students from different semesters, the student council provides direct contact with older students, with whom you can either engage in academic debates or enjoy a friendly drink.

Some of us are also members of GeStEIN e.V. or are involved there. GeStEIN e.V. provides a platform for students of geosciences in the German-speaking region to exchange ideas and advocate for their interests in public. This promotes the networking of geological student councils in the German-speaking region. The Federal Student Council Meeting (BuFaTa) is held twice a year at different universities, where every member oft our Student Council is invited.

As a student council, we usually meet every 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:00 PM at Erdreich to discuss current topics and then socialize. A student council thrives on its members, so come and join us to see our work firsthand. We look forward to meeting you!

You can always reach us at our email address or on Instagram (@geotechnologie_tuberlin)!

Best wishes,

Your Student Council


Jari Leoluca Unverzagt