Institute of Applied Geosciences

Welcome to the Student Council!

The Geotechnology Student Council is made up of all students of the Institute of Applied Geosciences. We are a group under student self-administration, which represents the student body towards the university and its institutions as well as the public.

Our main tasks include the organisation of events, the coordination of old exams and transcripts as well as the participation in the "Erdreich". The latter is the student café of several student councils at the TU Berlin and serves as a lounge and learning space. The events we plan include the Ersti-Tag and the Ersti-Fahrt for those who start studying Geotechnology, as well as the annual Barbara Party and the Summer Party, but also occasional private excursions. As a meeting place for different semesters, the student council offers direct contact to the higher years, with whom you can either argue or drink familiarly.

As a rule, we meet once a month in the Erdreich to talk about current topics and then round off the evening. During Corona we are also networked via various online platforms and hold our meetings.

A student council always lives from its members, so come along and take a look at our work. We look forward to seeing you!

Your student council