Institute of Applied Geosciences

Field teaching

Field teaching plays a major role in Geotechnology. During field exercises lasting several days, rocks are examined, described and mapped in order to understand the formation and development of planet Earth. Depending on the region and study progress, different geological situations are in focus. The following field excursions are carried out in the Bachelor's degree program:


  • Harz: The students are introduced to geological field work for the first time and learn basic methods. Different rock formations and geological structures in and around the Harz mountain are introduced and the history of their formation is inferred.
  • Germanic Basin: Sedimentary rocks and tectonic structures are the focus of this field exercise. Besides sedimentological profiling and structural geological measurements, geological mapping is introduced.
  • Fichtelgebirge: During the Fichtelgebirge excursion, students consolidate and expand their knowledge in recognizing and describing magmatic, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, determination of bedding conditions, geological interpretation of landscapes and preparation of profile sections. This enables the students to produce a geological map, evaluate field observations and document them in the form of a report. Furthermore, basic knowledge in gold panning is imparted.
  • Rheinisches Schiefergebirge: During this field exercise, a structurally and sedimentologically complex region is mapped.

Furthermore, the various departments of the institutes offer numerous field exercises and day excursions in the Berlin-Brandenburg region, where specific scientific methods are carried out independently under the supervision of the teaching staff and tutors. Insights into the excursions and field exercises can be found in the gallery!