Institute of Applied Geosciences


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Applied Geochemistry

The focus of our research is application-oriented basic research. Our goal is to contribute to the solution of practice-relevant issues through a deeper mineralogical-geochemical understanding. Currently, our focus lies on contaminants in the subsurface, repository safety, geothermal energy and georesources.

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We develop new experimental laboratory and field methods, numerical modelling concepts and strategies for the exploration and conservation of our water and soil resources with the aim of their sustainable management.

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Engeneering Geology

We seek solutions to enable people to make sustainable use of the geological subsurface and the environment. To this end, we are working on solutions for dealing with geohazards, energy storage and repositories, geodata analysis with AI, and the influence of roughness on interface and unconsolidated rock strength.

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Applied Geophysics

The overarching research area is the further development of geophysical measurement methods for multi-dimensional mapping of the near-surface underground, which includes both basic and application-oriented research foci. The aim is the petrophysically and model-theoretically based complex use of the methods for determining reliable geohydraulic, geothermal and geotechnical parameters of the subsurface.

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In the field of seismics, we are particularly concerned with near-surface seismics and seismics in the uppermost kilometers of the Earth's crust. Geohazards such as sinkholes and landslides, the imaging of fault zones in the subsurface, and the exploration of reservoirs for instance for geothermal energy, are both major educational and research objectives. Based on the joint appointment and research cooperation with GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam, further information can be found also on their website.

Reservoir Engineering

In the field of reservoir engineering, we deal with the development and improvement of methods for the safe and reliable development as well as the sustainable use of deep geothermal energy as a local base-load energy source. One research focus is on the controlled increase in productivity of geothermal wells while reducing environmental impacts such as induced seismicity. Our research methods include laboratory and field scale experiments and numerical modelling.