Naturalistic Driving Observation for Energetic Optimization and AccidentAvoidance

Application procedure

Please observe the following steps to apply for a research, Diplom, bachelor’s or master’s thesis.

  • If you would like to write your final thesis at the Chair of Naturalistic Driving Observation for Energetic Optimisation and Accident Avoidance, please contact the person from the chair that will supervise your work.
  • Together you will find a topic for your thesis. You can propose topics. However, the University is responsible for choosing and approving the topic as well as key factors to include.
  • It is possible (though this is not a legally enforceable right) to write your thesis at an external company. You must observe the guidelines for writing a thesis outside of TU Berlin.
  • After you have a rough outline of your topic, you must register your thesis with the Examination Office.
  • Your supervisor will inform the Examination Office of the exact title and task. The Examination Office will then send you an official confirmation including the duration of the writing period and submission deadline.

think-cell PowerPoint extension for students

Think-cell is a plug-in for Microsoft PowerPoint which allows you to easily and quickly create complex diagrams, such as line, bar, waterfall, Mekko and Gantt charts. Think-cell diagrams are attractive and well laid out. All slide elements - connectors, arrows, etc. - can be created with a mouse click and are automatically placed exactly where they belong. The uniform design of all your diagrams ensures your data presentation is accurate and professional at all times. It is also possible to manage and edit agendas and tables of content.

The software can be used free of charge by students and teaching staff in the academic chair. Students can request a license from their thesis supervisor.

You can download the current version of think-cell at any time by entering your TU Berlin email address on the following page:

Topics for student final theses

Further topics for final theses

For further possible ideas, take a look at the topic overview provided by the Chair of Automotive Engineering. You can also contact research staff whose work you find interesting.