Naturalistic Driving Observation for Energetic Optimization and AccidentAvoidance

Engineering for Equity Think Tank

Inhalte und Qualifikationsziele

"Diversifying participation in engineering means that we need to not just bring learners into existing engineering practices, structures, and ways of knowing, but that we take a critical look at the field of engineering education and challenge researchers and educators to create learning opportunities that build on diverse ways of knowing about engineering and being engineers in the world" (McGowan & Bell, 2020, p. 981)

Curious about the Engineering for Equity Think Tank?

In this module, we aim to create space in a cooperative, participatory, and creative format to implement projects that go beyond traditional STEM education and can be associated with service learning.

Concrete projects could, for example, address the following tasks:

  • Building a simple electric drive for a manual wheelchair
  • Mechanics for Minorities: e.g., barrier-free educational offerings/supplements for individuals with visual and hearing impairments; offerings in plain language
  • Tool for searching/counting female authors in scientific publications
  • Developing strategies for increased safety and participation of vulnerable groups in urban traffic...

Your own project ideas are welcome and can also be implemented by arrangement! Topics can come from many areas, here are a few suggestions:

  • Developing cooperative and creative solutions for social, ecological, and gender justice
  • Utilizing the theoretical knowledge acquired at the university to cooperatively initiate processes of change
  • Raising awareness of systems of injustice in science and society and developing strategies to eliminate them
  • Sensitizing to gender biases, sexism, and marginalization of population groups
  • Inequalities in STEM education and researching their causes
  • Challenges faced by children, students, researchers, and families in general and during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Knowledge about the Sustainable Development Goals

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