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Project description

The research project UniSwapHD (Unified swappable battery for heavy-duty commercial vehicles), funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK), builds on findings from the eHaul project and addresses a crucial challenge for the economic implementation prospects of battery swapping for heavy-duty commercial vehicles: the standardization of interchangeable batteries.

By ensuring compatibility between the battery swapping system and the batteries used in different vehicle models from various manufacturers, economies of scale can be achieved, and a rapid and efficient market ramp-up of battery swapping technology can be ensured. The commercial vehicle industry, with its relatively low number of vehicle manufacturers and chassis types, provides ideal conditions for this. However, many problems need to be solved before successful standardization can be achieved.

This is where UniSwapHD comes in. The goal is to develop a standardization concept for interchangeable traction batteries that can be implemented in a wide range of currently used heavy-duty commercial vehicles for long-haul road freight transport. This involves aggregating geometric, power-electrical, and information-technical vehicle data from different manufacturers to develop and test the geometry of a standard battery for tractor units and trucks, including the contact system and compatible swapping mechanism. Furthermore, a universally applicable communication interface for the traction batteries of commercial vehicles should be designed. The conceptualization and development activities will be carried out in regular exchanges with stakeholders in the commercial vehicle sector, and the developed standard battery concept will be documented in the form of a DIN SPEC (German Industrial Standard Specification)