Functional Materials

Additional characterization and experimental facilites

Complimentary to the other options possible in the characterization facility of the institute of chemistry our group provides the following additional services:

Thermogravimetric analysis (Mettler Toledo - TGA 1)

Gasadsorption measurments (Argon, Carbondioxide, Nitrogen, Hydrogen)

  • Autosorb iQ2
  • Autosorb 1
  • Autosorb iQ2 mit CryoCooler
  • Quadrasorb

Gaschromatograph coupled mass spectrometry (Agilent)

Photochemical setup + Gaschromatograph (Lab solar-6A/ Fuli Instruments GC9790II)

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (Thermo Fisher - K-Alpha™XPS-System)

UV-Vis spectroscopy (Thermo Fisher - Varian Cary 300)

X-ray powder diffraction (Bruker - D8 Advance)

Potentiostat (Gamry)

Supercritical point dryer (Tousimis - Autosamdri 931)