Fluid System Dynamics

Functional performance tests of wastewater pumps

Solids in wastewater present major challenges to wastewater pumps. Accumulations of tear-resistant wet wipes can drastically reduce the functions of wastewater pumps and even cause the hydraulic to stop. From the results of functional performance tests on a wastewater test rig with synthetic wastewater, wastewater pumps and their various impellers can be classified in terms of their susceptibility to clogging, resulting in new approaches to the clog-free pumping of wastewater.

FSD is running several projects in the topic functional performance tests of wastewater pumps:

  • Evaluation of the susceptibility to clogging of wastewater pumps in the long-time functional performance test.
  • Detection of initial clogging on wastewater pumps through the functional performance test
  • Investigation of the influence of operating points and speed on the susceptibility of wastewater pumps to clogging.