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Methods workshop

Training "Designing collaborative workshops in a results-oriented manner", cooperation with ZEWK of the TU Berlin


The dialogue platform continuously designs and implements results-oriented idea and networking workshops for research network initiatives and projects (BMBF, BMWi, BUA, DGF, EU), gaining valuable experience in the process. In the "Dialogue Platform Methods Workshop", the basics of designing collaborative workshops are taught and relevant practical experience is exchanged.

Content: Imparting competence in the results-oriented design of collaborative research meetings, practical development of an individual schedule for a method-guided workshop, peer coaching for the implementation of collaborative workshops.

Target group: Scientists at the TU Berlin who would like to lead, coordinate or (in the medium term) initiate collaborative research projects.

Goal: At the end of the methods workshop, each participant will have worked out the basics for a schedule and moderation plan for a workshop of their own (planned) collaborative initiative or project. He/she has been taught how to facilitate collaborative meetings using appropriate facilitation and creativity techniques so that original, consensus-building, documented results can be obtained in an efficient manner.

Backround: An important component of the successful initiation, management as well as coordination of a research network project is the implementation of productive networking and idea development workshops. Workshops can be considered fruitful if they produce results that are:

  • are original, also because they reflect the expertise of the der whole group,
  • which are developed consensually i.e. are recognized in the group as group results,
  • are efficiently obtained, so that no foreseen clarification must be postponed,
  • are documented, and thus can be directly utilized afterwards.

Against this backdrop, the Dialogue Platform offers a training workshop that uses a use case to teach you methods for organizing your networking meetings in a results-oriented way. These include analysis, facilitation, and creativity techniques that have been used in the practice of research collaborative management - also according to the accompanying research on research networks - and that are successfully used at the TU Berlin in idea and networking workshops of the Dialogue Platform (see Insights).


  • Input
  • Method exercises (also with examples brought along)
  • Individual work: basics for own workshop design
  • reflection and exchange of experience

Feedback from previous participants (anonymous):

"I liked the good mix of theory and practice, which also included 'peer coaching'. I take away basic knowledge of methods for workshops, very well enriched with practical experience."

"I liked the combination of introducing/testing the method and the subsequent reflection with exchange of experience."

"I liked the step-by-step guide on how to structure workshops. I now have concrete ideas on how to conduct workshops in a results-oriented way."


The continuing education program is offered in cooperation with the Central Institution for Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation of the TU Berlin (ZEWK). The registration takes place via the ZEWK.

Please inform yourself about the current offer of further education and the registration on the pages of the ZEWKForschen im Verbund.