Research and Technology Transfer Department (V)
CALL: Networking workshops

Target group: Project managers and coordinators
Goal: Shape collaboration within the network | Deadline: 30.11.2022


You are initiating, starting or realizing a collaborative research project (e.g. BMBF, BMWi, BUA, DFG, EU) and would like to design the internal collaboration (interfaces), deepen the internal networking of your subprojects (synergies) and/or develop collaboration processes that arise from the planned or ongoing research as necessary?

A dialogue platform networking workshop can be used to pursue these and related goals in a results-oriented, participatory and time-compact manner. Selected collaborative projects or projects will be supported as follows.:

  • cognitive structure of the networking workshop according to agreed detailed objectives
  • individually adapted methodical design
  • Implementation, moderation and safeguarding of results

What are the arguments in favor of external process moderation?

  • You can focus on the content before and during the workshop
  • The goals agreed upon in advance are pursued in a very focused manner
  • Experience from 100+ collaborative workshops flows into the design of the workshop process

Experience and references can be found here



The offers of the dialogue platform are also online available. 

To realize this, we use various digital tools that enable collaborative, results-oriented processing of topics in smaller as well as larger groups. We coordinate the technical process and moderate the process so that you can concentrate fully on the content. The only requirement for participation is a stable internet connection.


The workshops of the dialogue platform are advertised regularly and can also be requested independently of the deadlines. Please use for your request the following form.

The dialogue platform is an instrument of internal research funding at the TU Berlin: The Vice President for Research and Appointments Prof. Dr.- Ing. Stephan Völker decides on funding.