Research and Technology Transfer Department (V)

Research and Technology Transfer Department

From idea to success: We facilitate research and transfer for the benefit of society.

About us

In the Research and Technology Transfer Department, more than 100 people work in the four sections: Centre for Entrepreneurship, Research Service Area, EU Office and Research Contracts, Licenses and Patents.

We combine knowledge and expertise from many different, complementary disciplines to best support and help shape research and transfer projects in all project phases. We are experts in science, third-party funding and innovation management, in contract, grant and patent law, for research planning, project development, funding applications, start-ups and licenses. We have previously worked in disciplines, research alliances, law firms, corporations, startups, consulting firms, government agencies, and funding organizations. Some of us have been at TU Berlin since our training or studies.

We are united by the belief that research and transfer can improve our lives. We also like to support, solve problems and give impulses. We are motivated by the close contact to the scientists and the creative freedom we have. We value openness and collegiality. It is important to us to continuously develop ourselves and to be in close contact with each other.

Organisational chart