Food Colloids

M.Sc. Sabrina Bäther

Research projects

2019 - 2022Project workerStructural functionalities and phase behavior of hydrocolloids in the additive manufacturing of organ models
2019 - 2022Project workerDFG program SPP1934 "Dispersity, structure and phase changes of proteins and biological agglomerates in biotechnological processes", sub-project: "Importance and control of the mechanical stress of stress-sensitive proteins during formulation in the premix emulsification process"



Hundschell, C.S.; Bäther, S.; Drusch, S.; Wagemans, A.M.
Osmometric and viscometric study of levan, β-lactoglobulin and their mixtures
Food Hydrocolloids, 101 :105580
ISSN: 0268-005X


Kabisch, Stefan; Bäther, Sabrina; Dambeck, Ulrike; Kemper, Margrit; Gerbracht, Christiana; Honsek, Caroline; Sachno, Anna; Pfeiffer, Andreas
Liver Fat Scores Moderately Reflect Interventional Changes in Liver Fat Content by a Low-Fat Diet but Not by a Low-Carb Diet
Nutrients, 10 :157
01 2018