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M.Sc. Sabrina Bäther

Sabrina Bäther

Research associate

+49 30 314-71834

Organization name Food Biosciences
Building KL-H
Room 206
Address Königin-Luise-Str. 22
14195 Berlin

Research projects

2022-2024Project workerExtruded and 3D printed vegan support structures for cultured meat
2019 - 2022Project workerStructural functionalities and phase behavior of hydrocolloids in the additive manufacturing of organ models
2019 - 2022Project workerDFG program SPP1934 "Dispersity, structure and phase changes of proteins and bio agglomerates in biotechnological processes", sub-project: "Impact and control of mechanical stress on protein structures during formulation in premix-emulsification"



Bäther, Sabrina; Seibt, Jasper Hartwig; Hundschell, Christoph Simon; Bonilla, Jose C.; Clausen, Mathias Porsmose; Wagemans, Anja Maria
Phase behaviour and structure formation of alginate-gelatin composite gels
Food Hydrocolloids, 149 :109538
April 2024
ISSN: 0268005X


Giefer, Patrick; Bäther, Sabrina; Kaufmes, Nadine; Kieserling, Helena; Heyse, Anja; Wagemans, Wiebe; Barthel, Lars; Meyer, Vera; Schneck, Emanuel; Fritsching, Udo; Wagemans, Anja Maria
Characterization of β-lactoglobulin adsorption on silica membrane pore surfaces and its impact on membrane emulsification processes
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 652 :1074–1084
December 2023
ISSN: 00219797
Bäther, Sabrina; Hundschell, Christoph Simon; Kieserling, Helena; Wagemans, Anja Maria
Impact of the solvent properties on molecular interactions and phase behaviour of alginate-gelatin systems
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 656 :130455
January 2023
ISSN: 09277757


Uttinger, M. J.; Hundschell, C. S.; Lautenbach, V.; Pusara, S.; Bäther, S.; Heyn, T. R.; Keppler, J. K.; Wenzel, W.; Walter, J.; Kozlowska, M.; Wagemans, A. M.; Peukert, W.
Determination of specific and non-specific protein–protein interactions for beta-lactoglobulin by analytical ultracentrifugation and membrane osmometry experiments
Soft Matter, 18 (35) :6739–6756
ISSN: 1744-683X, 1744-6848


Hundschell, C.S.; Bäther, S.; Drusch, S.; Wagemans, A.M.
Osmometric and viscometric study of levan, β-lactoglobulin and their mixtures
Food Hydrocolloids, 101 :105580
April 2020
ISSN: 0268005X