Flight Mechanics, Flight Control and Aeroelasticity


Office F 5
Room F 338

Activities at the department

Research TopicControl of flexible and very flexible aircraft, flight dynamics modelling, flight testing, aircraft performance, and aircraft conceptual design
Projects- Design of a very flexible testbed for aeroelastic studies. German Aerospace Center/TU-Berlin (Current)
- “Small Testbed Development to Study Aeroelastic Effects In Large Solar Powered Airplanes”. University of Michigan (2017-2018). Financed by: National Science Foundation (NSF) in collaboration with Aurora Aerospace, Aerovironment, and Facebook
- “Advanced Studies in Flight Physics: modeling, control, and flight-testing of very flexible aircraft”. Aeronautical Institute of Technology (2015-2019). Financed by: EMBRAER and FINEP
- “Flight dynamics analysis and control system design for the Unmanned Aircraft for Ecological Conservation (ANCE)”. Simon Bolivar University (2010-2015)