Flight Mechanics, Flight Control and Aeroelasticity

Introduction to Computer Science


The module Introduction to Computer Science (ILR) is a basic module that provides knowledge in the areas of information technology, numerics and programming. The module teaches the basics in MATLAB for calculating and representing engineering problems and the basics of the programming language C for implementing algorithms, especially for embedded systems.


SemesterWinter Semester
Day / TimeFriday (VL) 1415-1545/ Tuesday (UE) 1015-1145/ Thursday (UE) 1215-1345
RoomVL - MAR 4.064/ ÜE - F326
LectureDr.-Ing. Alexander Köthe
TrainerSutej Singh, M.Sc.
Type of examinationPortfolio: Homework and written exam
Admission criterionNone

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Organization name Flight Mechanics, Flight Control and Aeroelasticity
Office F 5
Room F 335