Flight Mechanics, Flight Control and Aeroelasticity

Fundamentals of Aeroelasticity


The module consists of the two courses Aeroelasticity I and Aeroelastic Practical Course. In Aeroelasticity I the basics of flexible structures in air are taught. Here the aeroelastic triangle is introduced as the basis for the consideration of aeroelastic problems. Afterwards static and dynamic aeroelastic problems are considered. The modelling of structural dynamics and aerodynamics is introduced and then both aspects are coupled together. Furthermore, the basics of the modal approach and flutter calculation are taught.
In the course Aeroelastic Practical Course, which takes place as a block course between winter and summer semester, the methods and procedures from Aeroelastics I are applied practically. For this purpose the basics of the description of structural dynamics are repeated and practical modelling with the FE-Software Abaqus is introduced. Besides theoretical modelling, experimental model analysis is an important part of the module. In a static vibration test, students identify the structural dynamics of an aircraft-like structure. The effect of transient aerodynamics is explained in detail and the students perform a theoretical flutter calculation for a beam. Finally, the results are validated in a wind tunnel test.


SemesterWinter semester
Day/TimeWednesday, 14:15-15:45 and Block course between WS and SS
LectureProf. Dr.-Ing. Wolf Krüger
TrainerSutej Singh, M.Sc.
Type of examinationOral examination
Admission criterionReport