Flight Mechanics, Flight Control and Aeroelasticity

Flight Test Laboratory


The flight test laboratory („Flugversuchspraktikum“) provides an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge within a practical environment. It consists of two parts (about one week each) that are offered in the summer semester (usually in August and/or September). The first part is held in Berlin and provides a theoretical introduction that covers why and how flight tests are carried out. In addition, it is discussed how certain characteristic values (defined to evaluate flight performance and handling qualities) are obtained during flight test. The second part consists of the attendance in the Summer School offered by the DLR and provides the actual flight testing in Braunschweig with one or two aircraft (DLR: Cessna Grand Caravan and/or TU Braunschweig: Dornier Do 128). First, the theoretical basics concerning the execution of the flight tests are summerised. Flight test cards and the preparation of the actual tests are discussed in detail. Then, the students participate in the test flights as flight test engineers and will conduct the tests to evaluate certain parameters, such as the aerodynamic centre, characteristic values concerning phygoid, climb and gliding performance, as well as system identification.
For the participation in the Summer School in Braunschweig there are costs, the amount of the own contribution will be announced at the beginning of the course. Limited number of participants: 5-6.


SemesterSummer Semester
Day/TimeBlock course between summer and winter semester
Room- / one-week stay in Brunswick
TrainerPhillip Nagel, M.Sc.
Type of examinationPortfolio (evaluation of flight tests + presentation)
Admission criterionNone