Flight Mechanics, Flight Control and Aeroelasticity

Flight Mechanics II (Flight Dynamics)


After assuming the aircraft as a point mass in Flight Mechanics I, it is described as a rigid, three dimensional body in Flight Mechanics II. For this purpose further coordinate systems are introduced and the forces and moments in the longitudinal and lateral motion are discussed. Then the linearization of the nonlinear differential equations of motion around a steady state, which was determined by a trim calculation, is carried out. The linear systems of equations are analysed and the dynamics of the aircraft in longitudinal and lateral motion are explained.


SemesterSummer Semester
Day / TimeWednesday + Thursday, 12:15 -13:45
RoomF 11
LecturerProf. Dr.-Ing. Flávio Silvestre
ExerciseDr. Pedro Jose Gonzalez Ramirez
Type of examinationPortfolio (weekly homework + oral examination)

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