Flight Mechanics, Flight Control and Aeroelasticity

Flight Mechanics I (Flight Performance)


The Flight Mechanics I module lays the foundations for understanding the movement of the aircraft in space. First, the forces acting on the aircraft, such as weight, drag, lift and thrust, are explained, then the structure and physics of the atmosphere are described. Additionally, the differential equations of motion are established and stationary flight states such as horizontal flight, gliding and curve flight are considered. Furthermore, the limits of the flight envelope, energy states and the equilibrium of forces and power are discussed. The influence of wind is also considered.


SemesterWinter Semester
Day / Time-
LectureProf. Dr.-Ing. Flávio Silvestre
TrainerLina Dehmlow, M.Sc.
Type of examinationWritten examination at the end of the semester
Admission criterionHomework


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