Flight Mechanics, Flight Control and Aeroelasticity

Control Theory


The module Control Theory teaches the fundamentals of control engineering. These are generally valid and therefore independent of a specific field of application.
Starting from a mathematical description of dynamic systems, the linear state space model is introduced and the most important properties, stability and design of control systems are dealt with in the time and frequency domain. In addition to classical methods for the treatment of single-variable systems, techniques for multi-variable systems are introduced. Practical examples are used to further deepen these issues in the exercises. The software MATLAB is also used as a tool for analysis and design.


SemesterSummer Semester
Day/TimeWednesdays, 08:15 - 11:45
RoomH 2013
LecturerDr.-Ing. Alexander Köthe
AssistantM.Sc., Phillip Nagel
Examination typePortfolio Examination: 2 written tests + homework
Admission criterionNone

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Organization name Flight Mechanics, Flight Control and Aeroelasticity
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