Laboratory for Flow Instabilities and Dynamics
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As teachers at a university, we see ourselves as communicators between the students and the learning content. However, students' access to the subject matter varies individually and develops in the course of the course. Good teaching should therefore encourage students' independence and give them the ability to think analytically and critically and to work out solutions independently. We also expect students to be willing to perceive us as individual teachers and scholars. We do not see our task in teaching the material in its entirety to the students, but in creating a connection between the students and the teaching content through liveliness and authenticity.

In order to motivate students and get them excited about new topics, we follow a teaching concept that can be summarized as scientifically oriented learning. In doing so, we try to arouse students' curiosity and appeal to their spirit of inquiry. In lectures, we incorporate current research work in order to illustrate and deepen new topics. In the exercises and projects, students conduct their own experiments and collect original data to test various methods on them. In the process of documenting, condensing, and discussing the results of these exploratory studies, students learn essential steps of scientific work and self-critical thinking.

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