Laboratory for Flow Instabilities and Dynamics

Experimental Fatigue and Extreme Load Control employing Trailing Edge Flaps



In order to assess the load control potential of trailing edge flaps we create fatigue and extreme loads in the large wind tunnel of the TU Berlin (GroWiKa). We apply then different online measurement techniques to distinguish between fatigue load cases and extreme events. Consequently, we apply a specialized controller for these different load scenarios.


The following figures shows the blade root bending moment with the activated fatigue load controller, while the turbine is exposed to a 15° yawed inflow. The red curve shows the uncontrolled baseline case and the black curves show 100 repetitions with activated controller. It can be seen that the large fluctuations of the blade root bending are significantly reduced. In a comparative study, the employed controller achieved a reduction of damage equivalent loads of up to 35%.