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3 ASME Turbo Expo Best Paper Awards

This year the Best Paper Awards at the ASME Turbo Expo were handed over again:

We celebrate with Thomas and Jakob!

Thomas Ludwig Kaiser, Kilian Oberleithner, Laurent Selle, Thierry Poinsot:
Examining the Effect of Geometry Changes in Industrial Fuel Injection Systems on Hydrodynamic Structures With BiGlobal Linear Stability Analysis

Thomas Ludwig Kaiser, Lutz Lesshafft, Kilian Oberleithner
Prediction of the Flow Response of a Turbulent Flame to Acoustic Pertubations Based on Mean Flow Resolvent Analysis

Jakob von Saldern, Alessandro Orchini, Jonas Moeck
Analysis of Thermoacoustic Modes in Can-Annular Combustors Using Effective Bloch-Type Boundary Conditions