Laboratory for Flow Instabilities and Dynamics

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kilian Oberleithner

Since 2018, Kilian Oberleithner is head of the Laboratory of Flow Instabilities and Dynamics. He completed his PhD thesis in 2012 at TU Berlin. After a post doc in the lab of Prof. Julio Soria at Monash University Melbourne, he established a new research group at TU Berlin. His research areas focus on flow instabilities and coherent structures in complex thermofluiddynamic turbulent flows and the development of analysis and control methods.  He follows an interdisciplinary approach and combines data-driven and physics-based methods based on experimental and numerical data. The methods are developed on canonical flows cases and applied to engineering relevant problems within the field of Wind, Gas and Hydro turbines .

About Kilian

Kilian Oberleithner

Office HF-1
Building HF
Room 103
Address Müller-Breslau-Straße 8
10623 Berlin



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