Business Administration – Finance and Investment

Topic Overview

Possible topics for theses and the contact persons can be found below.

Own topics can be suggested. For this purpose, please contact one of the teaching and research assistants. However, independently chosen topics can only be supervised within the framework of the available free capacities of the staff.

Topics and contact persons

Topics in the areas of alternative financing and asset pricing (with research reference)

Due to the high workload, only theses with direct research relevance, i.e. possible subsequent publications in a scientific journal, can be accepted for supervision at the moment. Possible topics are empirical research questions on, among others: Alternative finance (e.g. crowdfunding) and asset pricing (e.g. the impact of ownership structure, behavioral finance, machine learning approaches...). Econometric skills (R or Python) are required.

Inquiry by mail with topic proposal and grade summary required.

Supervisor: Dr Martin Walther

Suggested topics for empirical and theoretical work

Current topic suggestions can be found in the ISIS course "Abschlussarbeiten Finanzierung und Investition WiSe 2023/24". In addition, your own topic suggestions (especially in the area of behavioral finance) are also welcome.
If you are interested, please submit a request via the ISIS course thesis application form. If you meet all the requirements and there is still capacity in the period you requested, you will be contacted and activated for the rest of the ISIS course. In the course you will also find further instructions, e.g. on scientific work, finding a topic and the process of supervision.

Supervisor: Felix Reichenbach