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Information about writing final theses at the Chair of Finance and Investment


For writing a final thesis at the Chair of Finance and Investment, at least one advanced module in the subject Finance & Investment must be proven. Attendance of the course Investment and Finance is not sufficient.

Assignment of topics

The confirmation of supervision and assignment of topics always takes place for the following semester. If you are interested, please enroll in the current ISIS course, there you will find all information about the procedure:

Abschlussarbeiten am Fachgebiet Finanzierung und Investition im Sommersemester 2024

The course of care can be divided into three phases:

  1. Qualification Phase (until February 28, 2024): In the qualification phase, you must complete "Interesse an einer Abschlussarbeit". To be considered for supervision, you should have successfully completed the basic module Investment and Finance and (especially for Master's theses) at least one specialization module. Capacities are limited. About one week later, all interested students will receive an acceptance or rejection letter whether you can be supervised in that semester. You will then be added to the ISIS course of your respective supervisor.
  2. Seminar and Topic Identification Phase (March 2024): A four-hour seminar on scientific work and thesis requirements will be conducted with all participants in preparation. In this phase, we will determine your topic together with you and you will then write a short synopsis. After submitting the exposé, you will receive feedback and can then register the thesis with the examination office (further information can be found here).
  3. Editing phase (in SoSe 2024): You will work on your topic independently. The examination office will inform you of the deadline by e-mail after registration. If you have any questions, you can book a consultation appointment in your supervisor's ISIS course. An appointment is mandatory to present your progress and to clarify open questions on your part.

Registration of a bachelor or master thesis

After admission at the ISIS course and clarification of the topic with the responsible teaching and research assistants, the thesis must be registered at the examination office. To register your thesis, please contact your examination team by e-mail. You can find all information about the further procedure on the pages of the Examination Office.

Topics for bachelor and master theses

Suggested topics for final theses can be found in the ISIS course:

Abschlussarbeiten Finanzierung und Investition SoSe 2024

Your own suggestions for topics can be submitted.

Guidelines for final theses

Here you can find hints for writing a final thesis at our chair (in german).