Business Administration – Finance and Investment

Written examinations

Registering and deregistering

The registering and deregistering procedure can be found on this page: Registering and deregistering

Permitted aids for written examinations

Document-proof pens (not red, no pencils), rulers, non-programmable calculators, and dictionaries are allowed.

Examination results and reviewing of examinations

The exam results are published in anonymized form in the associated ISIS course. For data protection reasons, no information about exam results may be given by e-mail or telephone.

The dates of the examination reviews are also announced in the ISIS course. If this cannot be attended, there is no possibility of an earlier or subsequent inspection. The exam can be viewed by an authorized person at the scheduled time. A letter to this effect must be submitted. We ask for your understanding in this regard!

Grading key for written exams

from 90 to 1001,0
from 851,3
from 801,7
from 762,0
from 722,3
from 672,7
from 633,0
from 593,3
from 543,7
from 504,0
less than 505,0