Business Administration – Finance and Investment

Risk Management and Capital Market

Advanced module in Finance and Investment (lecture + exercise)

Module description

Learning Outcomes

Students learn the importance of paying attention to the sustainable rationale of decisions taken in risk situations. They are able to assess risk and to calculate default premiums and risk premiums. They can differentiate between systematic and unsystematic risk and evaluate these risks in the context of modern portfolio management. They learn about financial instruments that permit effective risk management and can evaluate these instruments fairly. After successfully completing the module, students are qualified to work in the financial world. Classical employment areas are corporate finance, the investment sector, the credit economy and the insurance industry.


The teaching units on risk management and the capital market focus on shaping risk management and analysing capital markets. They cover the decision theory principles for rational behaviour in risk situations. From this basis, approaches to the correct measurement of default risks and risk premiums are derived. The characteristic features of the range of existing financial instruments for managing these risks are analysed and examined for their suitability for effective risk management. In this context, the following specific issues are covered: systematic and unsystematic risk in the context of portfolio management, performance measurement and its weaknesses, evaluation of shares, bonds, forwards, futures, options, swaps and the possibilities of using the above to secure financial risk and investments in the real economy.

Further information

  • Responsible person: Professor Dr. Hirth
  • Relevant teaching and research assistant: Jannis Harder
  • Course language: german
  • Module number: 70215
  • Module components: lecture and exercise
  • Credits: 4 SWS / 6 CP
  • Offer: winter semester - must unfortunately be cancelled in winter semester 2022/23!
  • No registration required for participation in lecture and tutorials
  • Written final examination on one of two dates offered per semester
  • Exam covers content from lecture and exercise
  • Compulsory elective module for bachelor's programs in Economics, Volkswirtschaftslehre, Sustainable Management, Industrial Engineering and Management, Information Systems Management and Business Mathematics
  • Compulsory elective module for master's programs in Industrial Economics, Industrial Engineering and Management, Information Systems Management and Business Mathematics

Winter semester 2023/2024

Procedure in winter semester 2023/2024

Lecture: Tuesday, 8-10 a.m., EW 202, Professor Dr. Hirth, start 10/17/23

Exercise: Wednesday, 10-12 a.m., H 104, N.N. (follows), start 10/18/23

All content and information for the current event will be provided in the ISIS course: Risikomanagement und Kapitalmarkt [WiSe 23/24].


All contents and information about the current course can be found in ISIS: Risikomanagement und Kapitalmarkt [WiSe 23/24].

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Contact persons

Responsible person and examiner

Professor Dr. Hans Hirth is the head of the Chair of Finance and Investment. He is responsible for the module and the associated examinations.

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