Business Administration – Finance and Investment

Investment and Finance

Basic module in Finance and Investment (lecture + tutorials)

Module description

Learning outcomes

The course’s objective is to teach students about the basic methods of investment calculation and common financial instruments. Moreover, students will learn to make investment decisions based on these methods and know about the weaknesses these methods entail, particularly with regard to sustainability. Furthermore, students are enabled to evaluate pros and cons of financial instruments, to calculate costs of capital, to optimize decisions on capital structures and to detect disincentives, which are induced by finance.


The first part of the course provides an overview about common terms and methods used in investment and finance. In particular, these include the calculation of interest and annuities. Furthermore, static and dynamic methods of investment calculation are discussed. Emphasis is put on the weaknesses these methods entail, particularly with regard to sustainability. Moreover, simultaneous investment and consumption decisions are analyzed by means of theoretical models. The second part of the module presents typical characteristics of financial instruments. Further issues are liquidity protection, costs of capital and the capital structure. In particular, the disincentives, which finance induces and possible solutions for these are discussed. Thereby ways of internalizing externalities in order to increase sustainability are depicted.

Further information

  • Responsible person: Professor Dr. Hirth
  • Relevant teaching and research assistant: Felix Reichenbach
  • Course language: german
  • Module number: 70174
  • Module components: lecture and tutorial
  • Credits: 4 SWS / 6 CP
  • Offer: every semester
  • No registration required for participation in lecture and tutorials
  • Written final examination on one of two dates offered per semester
  • Exam covers content from lecture and tutorial
  • Compulsory module for bachelor's programs in Economics, Volkswirtschaftslehre, Sustainable Management, Industrial Engineering and Management, Information Systems Management and Business Mathematics

Winter semester 2022/2023

Procedure in winter semester 2022/23

The course will be offered in the winter semester 2022/23.

Lecture: (planned: Wednesday 4-6 p.m., H 105, Professor Dr. Hirth, start 19.10.22.) Please note: Due to the planned closure of H 105 for energy saving reasons probably offered online on ISIS in the form of videos and further materials.

Tutorials: Dates will be announced in the ISIS course, one date selectable, Felix Reichenbach and tutors, start expected 10/31/22

All further information are available in the associated ISIS course.

ISIS course

All content and information for the current event will be provided in the ISIS course: Investition und Finanzierung (ABWL II) WiSe 22/23.

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Contact persons

Responsible person and examiner

Professor Dr. Hans Hirth is the head of the Chair of Finance and Investment. He is responsible for the module and the associated examinations.

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For organizational questions, e.g. regarding registering and deregistering, appointments, certificates, etc., please contact our administration office.

Content-related questions

Teaching and research assistant

If you have any questions regarding the content of the event, please contact the responsible teaching and research assistant Felix Reichenbach.

Student assistants

Our tutors are also available to answer questions about content, especially tutorials: student assistants