Business Administration – Finance and Investment

Corporate Finance and Investment Controlling

Advanced module in Finance and Investment (lecture + exercise)

Module description

Learning Outcomes

Students who have successfully completed the module have mastered the essential instruments of corporate financial decision-making and can evaluate their economic effects. The knowledge they gain enables them to steer investment decisions using suitable incentive systems. The students are also able to evaluate corporate capital market transactions in the context of going public.


The teaching units on corporate finance and investment control focus above all on shaping financial management and control of investment decisions. Among other things the following specific issues are covered: irrelevance theorems, leverage effect, dividend policy, imperfect capital markets, relevance of finance reform, false incentives in financing with outside capital, hybrid financial instruments, venture capital, project financing, public private partnerships, leasing, budgeting and steering investment decisions in case of information asymmetries, going public, under-pricing of IPO and capital increases.

Further information

  • Responsible person: Professor Dr. Hirth
  • Relevant teaching and research assistants: Felix Reichenbach
  • Course language: german
  • Module number: 70254
  • Module components: lecture and exercise
  • Credits: 4 SWS / 6 CP
  • Offer: summer semester
  • No registration required for participation in lecture and exercise
  • Written final examination on one of two dates offered per semester
  • Exam covers content from lecture and exercise
  • Compulsory elective module for bachelor's programs in Industrial Engineering and Management, Information Systems Management and Business Mathematics
  • Compulsory elective module for master's programs in Industrial Economics, Industrial and Network Economics, Industrial Engineering and Management, Information Systems Management and Business Mathematics

Winter semester 2023/2024 - does not take place

Corporate Finance and Investment Controlling is not offered this semester on a rotating basis.

Contact persons

Responsible person and examiner

Professor Dr. Hans Hirth is the head of the Chair of Finance and Investment. He is responsible for the module and the associated examinations.

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For organizational questions, e.g. regarding registering and deregistering, appointments, certificates, etc., please contact our administration office.

Content-related questions

Teaching and research assistant

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