Faculty III - Process Sciences

Appointment Procedures

Appointment procedures influence the profile formation, the development of teaching and research of a faculty to a high degree. Transparency as well as ensuring equal opportunities of the procedures are of the highest priority.

Required Qualifications

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Berlin Higher Education Act (BerlHG - german only)

  • § 100 (Required Qualifications for a W2/W3-Professorships)
  • § 102a (Required Qualifications for a W1/Junior-Professorship)
  • § 102c (Tenure-Track)
  • The latest BerlHG in the version dated 5th July 2022

TU-interal regulations (german only)

Further informations and possibilities of support

Appointments at Technische Universität Berlin

Steps in an Appointment Procedure


  • the Faculty Board appoints the members of the appointment committee, who are responsible for the selection of the candidates
  • the Dean constitutes the committee before the end of the application-deadline

Viewing applications and selection procedure

  • The applications are prepared for viewing by the committee  members
  • All applicants get a confirmation of receipt
  • The committee selects (according to predefined selection criteria) suitable applicants to be invited to a teaching and scientific lecture open to university members
  • Those invited will be informed in advance by the committee chairperson about the procedure for the appointment lecture and the discussion/interview with the committee 
  • You will have a contact person assisting you on the day you are at the university
  • After hearing the appointment lectures, expert reviews will be obtained for the final selection.

Creating the final candidates list and appointment procedure

  • After the last appointment lecture and receipt of the external expert reviews, the committee meets again to create a list, usually with three applicants
  • The committee decision on the final candidates list is presented to the expanded faculty committee for a decision
  • The appointment procedure is forwarded to the Vice President for Research, Appointment Strategy and Knowledge and Technology Transfer
  • The Academic Senate (AS) submits a statement on its position
  • Finally, the appointment recommendations are sent to the responsible Senate committee with the request for an offer of a professorship.

The whole procedure lasts 1,5 to 2 years.

The application for a professorship

The faculty professorships to be filled are usually advertised publicly and internationally. The recruitment requirements are regulated by law in §100 or 102a Berlin Higher Education Act. The requirements for an optimal filling of the professorship position are precisely listed in the advertisement as well as the required and to be submitted documents. The teaching portfolio noted there is an important component in appointment procedures at our faculty. With the description of the personal teaching portfolio, we would like to get to know the teaching competences as well as the teaching personality of the applicants. Please note the following information on the desired structure of a teaching portfolio when compiling your application documents.

Appointments to the TU Berlin should reflect a uniform understanding of the importance of language and language acquisition at the TU Berlin, based on the three pillars of the internal language policy:

  1. German as the central language
  2. English as a second language
  3. Lived multilingualism and intercultural competences


Progress of the current appointment procedures at faculty III

Besoldungs- gruppe / GradeFachgebiet / ChairVorsitz der Berufungskommission / chair of the selection committeeFristende Ausschreibung / End-date advertisementFach- und Lehrvorträge / Scientific and academic lecturesListenbeschluss Fakultätsrat/ Decision on appointment list by the faculty boardListenbeschluss Akademischer Senat/ Decision on appointment list by the academic boardBitte um Ruf an Senat / Request for Appointment to Senate
W3Umweltverfahrenstechnik / Environmental Process EngineeringProf. Ferdinand Hellweger30.09.202311.+12.01.2024   


The point of contact in appointment matters for information and applications in the faculty is the Faculty Administration, the Faculty Service Centre, which provides operational support for the appointment process.

Adriane Stocklossa

Faculty III - Process Sciences


+49 30 314-24102


The Department for Research, Young Academics and Appointments is the point of contact for questions relating to the strategic planning and implementation of appointments at the Faculty. 


Simone Becker

Advisor for Research, Junior Scholars an Appointments


+49 30 314-24360

The Vice Dean for Appointment Management is responsible for the Faculty's appointment planning and negotiations.