Faculty VI - Planning Building Environment

Faculty Service Center of Faculty VI

The Faculty Service Center’s (FSC) responsibilities include space and personnel management as well as the entire budget management of the faculty and its units. In addition, it is responsible for the coordination of all study programs of the faculty, including their quality assurance, as well as professorial appointment planning and the implementation of appointment, doctorate and habilitation procedures. The tasks and contact persons for research, the scientific advancement of junior scholars, international affairs, equal opportunities and public relations of the faculty are also located in the FSC.

Head of faculty administration

Name PhoneRoomEmail
Christoph Roesrath +49 30 314-21815A 106Email


Nadin GrundFaculty VI budget+49 30 314-21809A 109Email
Dominika FlowersFaculty VI budget, assistant to the dean+49 30 314-21811A 109Email
Salka SchulzExcursions+49 30 314-22204A 108Email

HR and professorial appointments

Kirsten EwaldHR (student and externally funded staff, research and teaching associates, staff)+49 30 314-21812A 105Email
Pamela NeasProfessorial appointments, HR (professors, visiting professors, staff not primarily employed at TU Berlin)+49 30 314-21813A 105Email

Doctorates and Habilitations

Pia JubinDoctorates, Habilitations+49 30 314-78947A 101bEmail
Andrea KrauseDatabase management+49 30 314-22227A 101bEmail

Studies and teaching

Mandy GroßerAdvisor for studies and teaching+49 30 314-22974A 103Email
Katrin RitterAdministrative clerk+49 30 314-77026A 104Email
Carola KurzAdministrative clerk+49 30 314-70967A 110aEmail

International affairs, junior scholars, equal opportunities, public relations

Myriam NauerzCoordinator+49 30 314-78823A 101aEmail
Olga GetsWeb relaunch+49 30 314-78823A 101aEmail

Appointment planning, research and evaluation

Pia Wagner-SchelewskyCoordinator+49 30 314-28705A 102Email


Faculty Service Center

+49(0)30 314-21814

Office A1
Building Architekturgebäude
Address Straße des 17. Juni 152
10623 Berlin


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