Energy Process Engineering and Conversion Technologies for Renewable Energies

Tar Workshop 2011

Measurement, Analysis and Monitoring of Condensable Gas Components (especially Tar) in Product-Gases from Biomass Gasification and Pyrolysis

A workshop to discuss issues of gas analysis of product gases from biomass gasification and pyrolysis processes was held on 08 June 2011 as a side event of the EU Biomass Conference in Berlin. Here you can find the slides of the short presentations from the workshop. The presenters had been asked to briefly talk about the analytical method, the current state of development, the possible applications, the results obtained and their accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility.

The flyer for the event is available here.

Workshop Programm

Section I

1Analytical challenges in biomass conversion by gasification and pyrolysis
M. Kleinhappl; Bioenergie 2020+, Graz, Austria
Purpose of measurements, groups of substances to be analyzed, concentration ranges, necessary, limits of detection, sampling
2Analytical tools – principles
Th. Streibel , University Rostock, Germany
Analytical methods for conventional and online analytical processes:
Gas chromatography, Mass spectrometry (EI / LI) Quadrupole, ion trap, TOF Fluorescence emission, light Absorption (UV/VIS; IR)

Section II

3Tar protocol – the “standard method” in condensables analysis
C. Unger, Fraunhofer UMSICHT, Oberhausen, Germany
4Use of SPA at ECN and tar dewpoint model
Sander Grootjes, ECN, Netherlands
5Tar analysis by solid phase adsorption - thermal desorption GC-MS
E. Masson (Critt Bois, Epinal, France), S. Ravel, S. Thiery (CEA, Grenoble, France), A. Dufour (CNRS-LRGP, Nancy, France)
presented by F. Defoort, CEA, Grenoble, France
6Once-through alcohol quench system for online and offline tar analysis.
M. D. Kaufmann Rechulski, PSI Villigen, Switzerland
7Simplified sampling method for analyzing benzene.
R. Egeler, V. Schachinger, Stadtwerke Rosenheim, Germany

Section III

8Tar dewpoint analyzer
A. (Bram) van der Drift, ECN, Petten, Netherlands
9Tar analyzer TA 120-3
N. Poboss, University Stuttgart , Germany
10Photo- Ionization Detection (PID) for online tar analysis
BTG, Netherlands; KTH Sweden
11Online FTIR measurements of tar
F. Defoort, CEA, Grenoble, France
12Fluorescence and Absorption
C. Baumhakl, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
13Laser Induced Fluorescence measurements of tar
M. Mayerhofer, TU Munich, Germany
14Laser Induced Fluorescence (CON-TAR)
N. Zobel, TU Berlin, Germany
15GC based analysis of tar, ammonia and water
M. Reinikainen VTT, Espoo, Finland
16Molecular Beam Mass spectrometry MBMS
D. Carpenter ,NREL, Golden, Co., USA
17TOF-MS with laser ionization in Pyrolysis process monitoring
Th. Streibel, University Rostock, Germany
18Online-GC/MS with electron and laser ionization
Y. Neubauer, TU Berlin, Germany